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We see a variety of complicated cases from pre-op, post-op, to no-op. We help dogs recover from surgeries. We also provide non-surgical options to many ailments. At Walking Paws Rehab we focus on complimentary medicine combining both holistic and conventional medicine to offer the best care.

The Walking Paws Team

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear Boulder Danyell Wynn of Walking Paws Pet Rehab in Boulder, CO.

Danyel Wynn


Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope I could be of service to you, your family, and your special loved ones. A little about me… I started my career working at an equine rehabilitation center. We would rehabilitate injured or abused horses and once healed train them to help special needs children through hippotherapy. This is where my passion for helping animals began and what motivated me to pursue my degree. I received my bachelors in physiology and veterinary science from the University of Arizona. Throughout college I worked as a veterinary technician at a wonderful practice in Tucson. I also performed research at the Arizona Cancer Center where I researched drug development to prevent the migration of ovarian cancer.

After graduating I moved to Colorado to pursue my doctorates in veterinary medicine at the amazing Colorado State University.  Shortly after passing boards I worked in South Africa in wildlife anesthesiology. Through my time in Africa I was able to treat rhinos, lions, giraffes, wildebeests, monkeys, zebra, sables, etc. It was a great experience that taught me to think outside the box with my patients. Upon returning to the US I started working in general practice while pursuing my specialization in rehabilitation and medical based acupuncture. I received my rehabilitation degree through Canine Rehabilitation Institute, acupuncture certification through Colorado State University, and massage certification through International Academy of Medical Massage for Animals. I then completed the 5 year training to become a certified veterinary pain practitioner and pursued further training in orthotics and prosthetics.

I transitioned from general practice to working as a rehabilitation veterinarian at one of the local rehab clinics. Shortly after starting I was promoted to medical director in which I developed a training program for all new doctors and technicians. I mentored for Canine Rehabilitation Institute and taught for Bel Rea Community College. While working as medical director I developed my vision for a dream practice. I dreamt of a practice that offered the latest medicine with some of the brightest doctors. A team trained to perform thorough exams and whom embodied the skill set to see some of the most challenging cases. A compassionate practice that could help many in need and give back to the community. I dreamt of working in Boulder, one of the most pet friendly communities in the nation. Then, in 2016 I decided to stop dreaming and make this practice a reality… Walking Paws Rehab- A place where we help pets get back on their paws! 

I welcome everyone to the practice. If you are looking for someone to help with your aging or injured pet please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Erica Kirsch


Dr. Erica Kirsch received her undergraduate degree in bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Realizing she wanted to work more directly with patients she went on to obtain her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then practiced in human physical therapy, working with a wide variety of patient populations with a focus in geriatrics. Dr. Kirsch has always loved working with animals and volunteered at an animal shelter on a regular basis when she wasn’t seeing patients. Knowing her true calling to be in animal rehabilitation, she then became a certified canine rehabilitation therapist in 2016 through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. She has been helping four legged patients ever since.
Dr. Kirsch has a passion for providing quality physical therapy services to help pet’s maintain and improve their mobility. She values collaboration with local veterinarians to provide comprehensive care for her clients and patients. She is constantly learning and advancing her knowledge to be a better therapist. Dr. Kirsch particularly loves helping older pets regain some of their spark! Outside of the clinic, she enjoys spending time climbing, camping, and hiking with her husband and dog.

Erica Kirsch2
Jordan Kennedy of Walking Paws Pet Rehab in Boulder, CO.

Jordan Kennedy


Jordan has always had a passion for working with animals. Growing up in Durango, CO she gained experience caring for farm animals along with her dogs, cats, birds and some reptile. After graduating from high school, she moved to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, where she graduated in 2011 with a BA in Sociology and minor in Communications. Along the way, she worked on campus and also did pet-sitting and home animal care. Knowing how much she loved caring for animals, she then pursued her Associates Degree in Applied Science of Veterinary Technology and graduated from the Bel-Rea Institute in 2018. She received her state certification (CVT) shortly after. She gained work experience being a part of a general practice in Broomfield and then into the canine rehabilitation field. Jordan quickly fell in love with rehabilitation and the close connections made with both clients and patients alike. She is always eager to better herself as a technician and provide quality care to her patients.

Andrea V


Andrea is a certified veterinary technician that brings a sense of warmth and compassion to each appointment. She works hard to help patients with their therapies so that they feel better and leave spoiled rotten with wagging tails. She divides her time amongst the patients at Walking Paws Rehab and injured animals at the non profit organization she founded. Andrea received her CVT in 2012. She worked in emergency medicine for many years while growing an interest in preventative health, exercise, and nutrition. Andrea has a vast knowledge in emergency medicine and rehabilitation of many species. She has helped rehabilitate birds, exotics, dogs, and cats. Andrea has experienced first hand how optimal health contributes to the quality of life. Her own dog and cat receive therapy and she loves seeing the clock go back in time because they are now able to move more and live happier. She enjoys helping others turn back time too. Andrea is excited to be a part of the Walking Paws Rehab family and looks forward to meeting others who want to help their pets too.

Andrea V2
Phoebe Cook

Phoebe Cook


Phoebe has been passionate about animals her whole life. She cares for her own dog, pet sits, and fosters cats. Phoebe grew up in a small town in Maryland where her family lived on a farm for most of her childhood. There was never a time where her family didn’t have a pet in their home. In 2019, she moved across the country to Boulder to start a new adventure. When she moved here, she was eager to find a career that she’d be passionate about, and has found that at Walking Paws Rehab. Phoebe loves getting to know all the wonderful clients and patients at Walking Paws and seeing them progress from appointment to appointment. She has a warm calm demeanor that dogs relax around.

Dasch receiving gentle massage for Pet Rehab session.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The Walking Paws team brings together specialists from many backgrounds. We have physical therapists that bring knowledge from human medicine. And veterinarians that are be able to make a diagnosis, prescribe medications or supplements, and treat diseases. 

Collaborative Health

Our team of specialists work closely with your veterinarian to ensure the best care for your loved one. We pride ourselves in a team approach amongst all caregivers, including you, in deciding whats best for your pet. Our goal is to help you reach your goal for your pet.

Canine receiving hip treatment for Pet Rehab session.