Continuing EDUCATION

Continuing EDUCATION

Attention Veterinarians, physical therapists, and veterinary technicians. Want to receive continuing education credit? Check out our video below to learn more about rehabilitation and how it can help your patients.

How Rehabilitation Can Help Your Patients: Conditions, treatments and assistive devices

Program Description: In this presentation we will discuss the conditions that can benefit from rehabilitation. The progression of rehabilitation and treatments used will be reviewed through many case studies. Assistive devices will be presented such as orthotics and wheelchairs. Various conditions that can benefit from orthotic and prosthetics will be presented including cranial cruciate tears, achilles injuries, and carpal hyperextension. Techniques in neurologic rehabilitation will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of patients/conditions that can benefit from rehabilitation
  • Understand the progression of care for neurologic and orthopedic patients
  • Understand the various ways to operate in a rehab practice
  • Learn about the various specialists that make up the rehabilitation field
  • Understand the progression of getting a paralyzed patient walking again
  • Build awareness of the various modalities and treatments used in rehabilitation
  • Gain knowledge of assistive devices such as orthotics, prosthetics, and wheelchairs
  • Learn about the various treatment options for CCL tears

Home Programs For Common Injuries in General Practice

Program Description: Learn what to teach clients when their pet has an injury. Practice the hands on techniques to empower clients to help their pet heal.
You will learn hands on techniques, massage, stretches, and exercises for the following common injuries in general practice:
  • CCL tears
  • Neurologic conditions
  • Forelimb arthritis 
  • Hindlimb arthritis
  • Shoulder tendinopathies
  • Psoas strains.
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