Lower Motor Neuron DISEASE

Lower Motor Neuron DISEASE

What is Lower Motor Neuron Disease?

A lower motor neuron disease is an umbrella term that  encompasses many disease that may cause the same symptoms- lower motor neuron signs. A lower motor neuron disease is often characterized by decreased reflexes (hyporeflexia/areflexia), flaccid paresis or paralysis of the limbs, postural reaction deficits, and neurogenic (rapid/severe onset) muscle atrophy. Your dog may also present with decreased sensation in their limbs. Muscle fasciculations, spasms, and cramps can also occur. These symptoms can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and vary in severity.

Urinary and fecal incontinence are common associated clinical signs in advanced cases. Urinary incontinence for these dogs mean that there could be poor ability to hold their urine resulting in dribbling and decreased control as the bladder fills with urine.

Polyneuropathy may also affect cranial nerve function. So your pet may present with difficulty swallowing.

More About Lower Motor Neuron Disease

Conditions that may cause Lower Motor Neuron Disease

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