OCD Lesions

OCD Lesions

What are OCD Lesions?

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) is a condition where a piece of cartilage becomes damaged or detached from the surface of the bone, often at the level of the joint. Imagine a pothole on the surface of the bone. There are varying degrees of severity from damage, to a flap present, to detachment. The joints most commonly affected are the shoulder, elbow, stifle (knee), and tarsus (ankle). The exact cause of OCD lesions is unknown, but nutrition, rapid growth, and genetics may all be factors. OCD lesions generally occur in young large breed dogs. 

Berndt and Harty35 described 4 stages of OCD on plain radiographs:

  • Stage 1: small area, compression subchondral bone
  • Stage 2: partially detached OCD fragment
  • Stage 3: fully detached OCD fragment, still in underlying crater
  • Stage 4: complete detachment / loose body
OCD Lesions

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