pet orthotics

Dog Knee Brace Boulder Using an OrthoPet brace for this dog saved it from surgery.
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Can a brace help your pet?

Many clients reach out to us searching for an alternative to surgery. At Walking Paws Rehab our team is well skilled in the field of veterinary orthotics and prosthetics. Whether your pet has a cranial cruciate tear, tendon injury, dysplasia, traumatic injury, or amputation we have many options as an OrthoPets practice to help your pet return to full function.

What to Expect

If you are interested in purchasing a brace or prosthetic for your pet the first step is to set up an initial evaluation with us. At that appointment we perform a thorough exam to confirm diagnosis and determine what forces need to be corrected by a brace. Often we will request radiographs from your primary veterinarian to ensure no other ailments are present that can affect the prognosis of an orthotic.

If your pet is a good candidate for a brace or prosthetic we will take measurements and create a mold of the injured limb. Our team will work closely with OrthoPets to create a prescription of what the device will look like. Once the brace is finished we will perform a fitting appointment and teach you how to place the brace on and how to help your pet adapt to walking in a brace. Follow up appointments are required to ensure proper fit, prevent sores, and assist with returning to full function.

OrthoPets Knee Brace helps in Pet Rehab.
Dog Knee Brace Boulder