Animal Rehabilitation SERVICES

Animal Rehabilitation SERVICES

All of our services are customized for your pets specific needs

Walking Paws Rehab is a unique practice that offers many advance therapies to help your pet. Our consults are all inclusive. One session we may focus heavily on pain management while the next session your pet may benefit more from strength building. Every appointment is different and tailored to what your pet needs that day allowing us to advance your pet towards moving comfortably again.

Regenerative Therapies

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy reduces pain, decreases inflammation, restores mobility, decreases muscle spasming, improves blood flow, increases cell replication, increases fibroblast and collagen replication, stimulates cartilage, and promotes nerve growth.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF is FDA approved for post operative pain and swelling. At Walking Paws Rehab, we have both Respond Beds and ASSISI loops for our pet patients. PEMF therapy is used amongst orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and pain specialists in human medicine. Now it is available for our pets!


By sending an electrical current through an area, we treat injuries, stimulate nerves, and build muscle.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Vibration plates are utilized to help patients with neurologic disease. Vibration therapy stimulates nerves, enhances proprioception, improves balance, and stimulates muscles to contract. At Walking Paws Rehab, we have a whole body vibration plate that can be used during exercises.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy reduces swelling to an area and decreases soreness. Ultrasounds can relax a muscle belly aiding trigger points and sore areas by improving blood flow, which speeds up the healing process.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is utilized to break up mineralization in tendons or bring in blood flow. It can be utilized to treated tendon or ligament injuries.


Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Walking in the underwater treadmill is utilized to promote strength building without having to load an injured limb or sore joint. This is service is great for patients post surgery or for those needing to lose weight.

Home Exercise Programs

All of our patients receive a home exercise program that consists of videos. We not only treat your pet, but also teach you how to help your pet at home.

General Exercise

We have many different types of rehab equipment that we have our patients use. By asking a pet to perform a certain exercise, we help them strength build a specific muscle, improve range of motion to a joint, improve balance, or retrain one to walk.

Weight Loss

If you have a pet in need of weight loss, we help with conditioning through targeted exercises and diet.

Our therapists have advance training in performing mobilizations and range of motion movements to improve alignment, range of motion, and to reduce discomfort.
Stretch Program

We are skilled at finding trigger points in muscles, determining which muscles are tight, and how to safely stretch each muscle. At Walking Paws Rehab, we teach you how to perform stretches and massage on your pet.

Advanced Specialties

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Through advanced training we are able to assist clients in deciding whether a brace is the right solution for their pet. We make a mold of your pet’s limb, assist with the design process, and perform fittings.


We offer both dry needling and electroacupuncture. Traditionally, acupuncture has been used to treat discomfort, headaches, organ dysfunction, and nausea. However, we also utilize acupuncture to stimulate nerves treating back disorders, nerve issues, muscle tightness, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence.

Massage Therapy

We are trained massage therapists! Your pet can enjoy a general relaxing massage or targeted therapeutic massage to relieve soreness and tension. We even offer hot stone massages.

T-Touch Wraps
By utilizing T-Touch Wraps one can reduce anxiety, stimulate nerves, improve alignment, and strength build a specific muscle. We have many techniques to teach owners how to apply wraps at home.
Physio Taping

Your dog can look like an Olympic athlete too. Rock taping can be used to lift the skin off the underlying tissue improving blood flow, lymphatic flow, and reducing swelling to an area. It can be used to treat bruises and inhibit discomfort. We also sell Rocktape and teach clients how to perform techniques at home.

Wheelchair Fitting

If you have a pet in need of assistance we perform wheelchair fittings. We help your pet learn how to maneuver in a wheelchair.

Medications & Supplements
We work closely with you to determine what the best medications and supplements for your pet’s injury. Our veterinarians have additional training in pain management and will review your pet’s medication history and provide recommendations.
Diagnostic Ultrasound
We are trained in performing musculoskeletal ultrasounds. With the use of ultrasound imaging we diagnose tendon, muscular, or ligament injuries.
If your pet is in need of X-rays we perform radiographs in the comfort of one of our treatment rooms in a stress free manner.

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