MEET the team

MEET the team

Dr. Courtney Wheeler


Dr. Courtney Wheeler was recruited onto the Walking Paws team because of her experience, positive personality, and passion for helping animals improve their mobility.

Dr. Courtney is a passionate physical therapist, born and raised in Central New York, where her educational foundation began at Utica College, starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. She then continued her education with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Equipped with a solid academic background, Courtney embarked on an unconventional career path and professional journey. 

Instead of following the conventional route of starting her career in a fixed location, Courtney embraced the opportunity to become a traveling physical therapist. She has made multiple cross-country moves every 3-6 months, gaining diverse experiences in outpatient, inpatient, and home health settings. This nomadic approach not only allowed her to explore different regions and cultures but also provided valuable insights into different patient populations and treatment approaches. Courtney’s ability to quickly adapt to new environments and self teach became instrumental in her professional growth and success.

Throughout her life, Courtney’s passion for athletics, dogs, and horses has remained a constant source of inspiration. From an early age, she recognized the profound connection between movement and animals, leading her to pursue her dreams of integrating the two. Her two border collies, Porter and Cascade,  played a significant role in this journey, as they’ve made enjoying the outdoors that much better and helped Courtney find a love for competitive agility, obedience training and trick training. 

Courtney’s dedication to their well-being sparked her interest in canine conditioning strategies, ensuring her beloved companions remained mobile and healthy for their activities. This is then when she decided to pursue her certification in canine rehabilitation. Following training at a canine rehab center in Wales, she dedicated some time at Walking Paws Rehab and feel in love with the standard of care and wonderful team in Boulder. Shortly after, Courtney was recruited onto the team and has been a wonderful asset to our patients since.

Beyond her professional and animal-related pursuits, Courtney leads an active and vibrant lifestyle. She cherishes her time spent with her border collies and partner Tyler, engaging in daily exercise and exploring the outdoors through hiking and backcountry camping. Her love for nature also reinforces her understanding of the importance of physical activity and its impact on overall well-being.

Her passion for movement and animals continues to drive her forward, inspiring her to explore proactive approaches and contribute to the field of canine physical therapy.
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