MEET the team

MEET the team

Dr. Danyel Wynn


Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope I could be of service to you, your family, and your special loved ones. A little about me… I started my career working at an equine rehabilitation center. We would rehabilitate injured or abused horses and once healed train them to help special needs children through hippotherapy. This is where my passion for helping animals began and what motivated me to pursue my degree. I received my bachelors in physiology and veterinary science from the University of Arizona. Throughout college I worked as a veterinary technician at a wonderful practice in Tucson. I also performed research at the Arizona Cancer Center where I researched drug development to prevent the migration of ovarian cancer.

After graduating, I moved to Colorado to pursue my doctorates in veterinary medicine at the amazing Colorado State University. Shortly after passing boards I worked in South Africa in wildlife anesthesiology. Through my time in Africa, I was able to treat rhinos, lions, giraffes, wildebeests, monkeys, zebra, sables, etc. It was a great experience that taught me to think outside the box with my patients. Upon returning to the US, I started working in general practice while pursuing my specialization in rehabilitation and medical based acupuncture. I received my rehabilitation degree through Canine Rehabilitation Institute, acupuncture certification through Colorado State University, and massage certification through International Academy of Medical Massage for Animals. I then completed the 5 year training to become a certified veterinary pain practitioner and pursued further training in orthotics and prosthetics.

I transitioned from general practice to working as a rehabilitation veterinarian at one of the local rehab clinics. Shortly after starting, I was promoted to medical director in which I developed a training program for all new doctors and technicians. I mentored for Canine Rehabilitation Institute and taught for Bel Rea Community College. While working as medical director, I developed my vision for a dream practice. I dreamt of a practice that offered the latest medicine with some of the brightest doctors. A team trained to perform thorough exams and whom embodied the skill set to see some of the most challenging cases. A compassionate practice that could help many in need and give back to the community. Where quality medicine was emphasized, patient care was top priority, and we took our time with each patient to be thorough and gentle. I dreamt of working in Boulder, one of the most pet friendly communities in the nation. Then, in 2016 I decided to stop dreaming and make this practice a reality… Walking Paws Rehab- A place where we help pets get back on their paws!

Years later, our team has grown and so have our specialties. We focus heavily on continuing education, team work, and truly being present with the patient in front of us.

I welcome everyone to the practice. If you are looking for someone to help with your aging or injured pet please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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