MEET the team

MEET the team

Dr. Erynn Troy


Dr. Erynn Troy is Walking Paws Rehab’s expert in trauma and spinal cord injuries. If you have a pet who has a neurologic condition, herniated disc, stroke, or suffered trauma, then Dr. Erynn is the perfect fit for your pet. She has many years of experience helping veterans learn to walk again and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to applying the same concepts to animals.

She graduated from the University of Arizona with a major in Physiology. She then attended the Medical University of South Carolina for physical therapy school, graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012.

Dr. Troy has spent her eleven year physical therapy career treating veterans with spinal cord injuries. She found it very rewarding to provide her patients with tools to improve their independence, whether it be through locomotor training or wheelchair prescriptions. Through working with veterans she has also gained experience in treating multiple ailments such as soft tissue and orthopedic injuries that often occur with trauma.

In 2022, after months of day dreaming about using her skills to rehab animals, she discovered the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and found that her dream could become a reality. She started her canine rehab certification, quickly progressed through all of the coursework and internships, and completed the program the same year!

Erynn sought out Walking Paws Rehab to complete her state required observation hours and instantly fell in love with the team, their skills, knowledge, and passion. At the same time our team fell in love with Erynn’s calm demeanor, friendly approach, and expertise. With such positive feedback from clients and team members Erynn was then recruited onto the Walking Paws team. Through this time together, Erynn has shown to be hard working, collaborative, cares hugely for her patients, spends a large amount of time learning, and brings a lot of new ideas and therapies to the practice. She is eager to positively impact your pet’s mobility and quality of life.

Erynn splits her time between leading the spinal cord unit at the VA Hospital and Walking Paws Rehab. In between both practices she focuses very heavily on living a healthy, positive lifestyle. With healthy eating, teaching yoga, reading, hiking, and camping we don’t know how Dr. Erynn does it all. But she makes it look easy!

If your pet is scheduled with Dr. Erynn, know you have an expert that has seen some of the most challenging injuries out there. She has helped make the impossible, possible for many who deserve it. We hope that your pet gets to experience the care, compassion, and expertise from Dr. Erynn. We are certain you will be just as impressed as we were the day we met Dr Erynn.
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