MEET the team

MEET the team

Kerry Kilgannon


Kerry dedicates a lot of time to understanding and helping her patients. She is the therapist that will sit down and spend hours searching for answers. She truly lives and breaths for canine physical therapy. Always thinking about Walking Paws Rehab and ways to improve our medicine.

Kerry joined us from the United Kingdom where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science followed by her Master’s degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Her private practice experience included a variety of four-legged patients including rabbits, cats, horses and dogs. She incorporates manual therapies, rehabilitative exercise, laser, ultrasound, pulsed magnetic field therapy, muscle stimulation and other electrotherapies into her treatments. She has also completed additional training in canine hydrotherapy, utilizing both the pool and water treadmill for achieving various rehabilitation goals. She was also one of the in-house veterinary physiotherapists for a specialist Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy centre.

Kerry’s philosophy is to treat each patient holistically, focusing on the patient as an individual while encompassing the whole body, not just focusing on a specific diagnosis.

One of Kerry’s most treasured experiences was working with a team of highly skilled rehabilitation veterinarians in Santiago, Chile where she saw a varied caseload of neurological and orthopedic conditions. Always up for a challenge, Kerry had fun learning to communicate with owners (and pets!) in Spanish.

Kerry has a passion for helping guardians help their pets. Her Master’s thesis investigated how therapists can improve their own communication skills to help ensure that owners feel empowered to perform home exercise programs with their pets, in order to help improve their recovery.

Always keen to grow and develop, Kerry brings a huge amount of dedication to our field and patients. She is highly praised in field of veterinary physiotherapy and brings a unique set of experiences to her patients. She is well known for her massage therapy skills, so rest assure, if your pet ends up on her schedule they will get a good massage.

In their free time, Kerry and her rez dog, Marbury, enjoy getting to know beautiful Colorado and exploring all the hiking trails it has to offer. You may even see Marbury at the practice some time having a little nap in the kitchen while his mom is hard at work so she can buy him the best treats!
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