MEET the team

MEET the team

Molly Tobin

Administrative Assistant

Molly Tobin was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She brings a broad base of experience in animal behavior and rehabilitation to the team at Walking Paws. She is such a joy to have on the team.

After graduating from CU with a double major in behavioral and social sciences, Molly interned at the Denver Zoo. She used operant conditioning to train sea lions and seals. Following her love of wildlife, she worked at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where she cared for injured and orphaned animals. In addition, she became their social media coordinator where she developed her photography skills. Molly held progressively responsible positions at Greenwood, ultimately leading the Mammal NICU. From there, Molly explored the field of animal policy and advocacy at Environment for The Americas (EFTA), where she was program manager. She coordinated Migratory Bird Day, an international campaign to protect and raise awareness of issues concerning avian migration.

Then, one day Molly’s own dog became paralyzed. She experienced firsthand the benefits of canine rehab after her dog reached a full recovery and learned how to walk again! This lead her to pursue a passion in canine physical therapy.

Molly does an amazing job combining her love of animals, her passion for animal welfare, as well as her social media and marketing skills at Walking Paws Rehab! She has a calm and warm demeanor that is always nice to greet when entering our practice.