MEET the team

MEET the team

Sheri Mounteer


Sheri Mounteer received her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Wyoming and then went on to complete a physical therapy degree from the University of North Dakota. After 23 years of working with humans, specializing in geriatrics, she transformed her career into rehabilitation therapy for animals and has never looked back!

Her physical therapy skills, love of animals, and the additional training in small animal rehabilitation allowed her to become a well known and successful canine rehab practitioner. She is an active member in our rehab community, collaborating frequently with practitioners throughout the world to find the best solutions for her patients. She goes above and beyond for each one of her patients. Sherri’s passion for learning and advance skill sets makes her a great member of the Walking Paws Team.

Sheri loves seeing her patients improve from physical therapy and experience amazing recoveries. Sherri works closely with pet parents to make sure they understand their pets injury, what to expect, and how to incorporate a physical therapy plan to help their pet.

Sheri is a passionate outdoors woman who enjoys mountain biking, trail running, skiing and camping alongside her dog, Hannah. She is also an active volunteer with the Humane Society of the South Platte. She fits right in our active Boulder community and understands the importance of health and mobility in not only humans, but animals too!