Telemedicine For Your Pet

What is it?

Walking Paws Rehab is now offering a telemedicine for pets service! Appointments can be made to help your pet while you remain comfortable at home. We will be doing this by conducting consultations via live video conference call through a convenient platform like Zoom or FaceTime.

The first telemedicine appointment will be approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long, with all subsequent appointments ranging from 30 mins to an hour. Once you have scheduled either online, by email, or by phone call, we will send you an email confirmation with a zoom link.

Please be sure to have all veterinary records sent to us prior to your scheduled appointment.

Call Includes

Pet Review

We will review your pet's history, including previous medical records and images.


We will have an in-depth discussion about your concerns for your pet's rehab journey.

Establish Goals

We will be implementing goals and a plan on how to achieve them.


We will take an assessment of your dog's gait.

Medications & Supplements

We will provide a thorough review of the medications and supplements that may be required.

Home Exercise Progams

We will teach you how to perform your pet's personalized exercise program in the comfort of your own home.

Our Expertise

We will demonstrate how to perform:
• Cold/Heat Therapy
• Stretches
• Gentle Mobilizations
• At-Home Exercises


Plus, we will also include a personalized video home exercise program.

Telemedicine for pets

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